Four reasons to take up sewing


Do you recall your days back in high school where you sat miserably in your living skills class(kemahiran hidup) learning how to work  the sewing machine? Thinking  how any of this  would benefit  your future.  Well, let’s see , if you did take back a thing or two then “Bravo”. Here we have four valid reasons why you should know how to sew.

No1 : Rising cost 

Given the  rise in our standard cost of living , every cent saved  could be put to a much  greater cause instead . Lost a buckle ?  Is a skirt torn??  Get it fixed yourself.

With some basic sewing skills, all this petty thing can  be rectified in an instant. One would just require a home sewing kit which includes some thread and needles .

The need to have a basic sewing kit at  home is  as important as a first aid kit.Thus, every home should be equipped with one .





No2: A hobby perhaps?

Let your inner  Fashionista  Shine! Step aside Karen  Mille  a new girl is in town.

Sewing can bring out the creativity in you  and expand your wardrobe without burning a hole in your wallet. owning a look out of the runway can definitely  cost a bomb, so why not have it made yourself or better yet give it you own touch at  a fraction of the cost. these

These days  ,sewing machines aren’t  as boring  as they used to be . Most of the newer models came with built in designs and multiple functions which take sewing to a whole new level . High-tech machines are a plenty, they include USB ports,touchscreen panels and many more .

Sewing has definitely revolutionized  over the years !





No3: a Secondary source of income . 

Back to the topic of cost ;given the change in our current economic climate having a second job or side income is somewhat the norm to some . Well if you have decent sewing skills, why not put them to good use ?

Imagine how much you could make by just selling your items or even providing sewing services.  With many readily available online platforms for you to take advantage of  , all you would need is to  focus on your sewing without worrying about operational cost . definitely, something  to consider if it can help ease the financial burden.

Some online platforms include Mudah .my ,Carousell , eBay.




No.4:A form of relaxation”Woosahhhh”

According to The Home Sewing Association in the States,  engaging  in an activity like  sewing reduces the overall heart rate whilst promoting relaxation . It’s no  wonder why  more and more  professionals are taking  up sewing as some sort of diversion from their hectic daily lifestyle.

Independent  sewing  centers ,stitch groups, and DIY outlets have been growing in numbers as more people take up sewing as a hobby. Sewing has also brought  many people  with similar interest  together  to connect and share ideas, a good  excuse to socialize perhaps. Do check out your local community news for more updates on social events  that promote sewing .