Tulip for Mother’s Day!!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s time for you to give your mom something special.

So I’m going to show you how you can sew a colorful and beautiful bouquet of tulips yourself.

You can combine your favorite colors or Mamas and the best part is: it will always remain fresh and an eye-catcher.


tulip 2


  • fabric, stick, glue, cotton, scissors, felt, needle, thread,circle¬†cutter

tulip 3

The Flower

  • Cut circles out of the colorful fabrics with a diameter of 20cm. A circle cutter is a great tool but if you don’t have one just use a bowl similar diameter.
  • Then, fold one of them in half and cut it.
  • And now take the semi-circle and fold into half and sew it with sewing machine or hand at the open edge.(0.5 cm)
  • Turn the fabric into a cone and proceed with other semicircles.

tulip 4

The Stem

  • Cut the green fabric into strips (3 cm wide) and the length slightly shorter¬†than the stick. Repeat it till the numbers of tulips you want.

tulip 5

  • Take the green fabric you cut earlier and turn around and stick double sided tape or use glue to stick it around the stick to create a stem of a tulip.

tulip 6

The Tulip’s Head

  • Take the earlier fabric you sew into a cone and stuff it with cotton.
  • Then, take a needle and thread to sew the open edges.


tulip 7


  • Put the pointed side of the stem into the tulip(you can put some glue to it too) and sew it just like the picture above.

tulip 8

The Leaf

Cut the green felt into a leaf shape and glue it to the stem. Use a peg to peg the leaf and the stem together till the glue dries off.

tulip 9

Let it dry well and you will have a bouquet of tulips ready for Mother’s Day!


Hope these easy projects help you with your MOTHER’S DAY gift idea and hope you enjoy making it!!!
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